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Flap Meat Churrasco Prime

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What is Wagyu?


Wagyu beef is known for its rich and fatty flavor profile. Characterizedby its dense marbling, Wagyu contains a higher percentage of intramuscular fatin comparison to other meats. The cows from which the beef derives from areraised in a stress-free environment where they can roam freely.


Source: Snake River Farms


American Wagyu is derived from cross breeding purebred JapaneseWagyu with American cattle. We source our American Wagyu from Snake River Farmswho have been breeding cattle since the eighties. They are considered one ofthe best, if not the best when talking about American Wagyu.


Source: Kagoshima A5 Wagyu


All Kagoshima is Wagyu but not all Wagyu is Kagoshima. Inthe luxury meat space, this is considered the best of the best beef. Theyrecently won the Wagyu Olympics in 2022. In Japan, Wagyu is rated on a scalefrom 1-5 based on coloring, texture and fat standard criteria. A5 is the highestpossible rating. If you want to try the best, A5 should be your choice.


Our best-in-class USDA Prime


The USDA has eight grades of beef. The top three are prime,choice and select with prime being the highest rating possible. USDA Prime is atender and flavorful cut of meat, typically served in high end restaurants.Produced from young, well fed beef cattle, Prime has abundant marbling interspersedwith lean meat. El Toro Churrascaria became renowned for their vast and flavorfulUSDA Prime selection.  


Pickup and Delivery


You can choose to have your order shipped to you or you canpick it up in person in our Butcher Shop Location. If you want to order inbulk, please refer to the wholesale section and contact us so we can give you aprice. Our meats come sealed and ready to throw on the stove or grill.




El Toro Loco Butcher Shop offers so much more than justbeef. We have an amazing collection of seafood, poultry, pork etc. We even sellclothing and tools such as aprons and knives. The products we can offer is onlygrowing and we are excited for you to shop and purchase all of your culinaryneeds!

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Learn how to cook Wagyu

When talking about the highest quality meats on the market, knowing how to cook them is essential. Everything from temperature to seasoning is vital to best enjoy these meats at home.



Karen S
Absolutely Love it!

"You HAVE to go. The food is heavenly. Christopher made the experience over the top. We wandered in after driving from keys and had NO IDEA the food would be that good. Better than any steak in Naples or the keys!"

Omar V
Thursday Night Dinner

"Thursday night dinner at EL TORO LOCO WE ORDER Steak tacos & Chicken sandwich All I could say wow !Great services food was on point. Churrasco taco."

Master Vicente A
Amazing Experience

"The best experience eating churrascaria, and Alfredo the waitress is very professional and friendly show you the best for test, I recommend to everyone want to eat in family this the place.5 Stars qualify of good and service."

Hidemy O
Best Brazilian Steak House

"One of the best Brazilian steak house I've ever been to! For the price you can't beat what you get here. Me and my bf shared the serrano croquetas, 1 lb meat sampler, and the churrasco sandwich. Our server was great with excellent service. We're from California and we wish we had this back home!"